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The Satellite 760-6 Generation3 Hydraulic is based on the industry workhorse concrete preparation machine 760-6 combining High Diamond Speed with weight making it Highly productive.

This Hydraulic machine is designed to run on the Twister 55Hp Floor Scraper and can be adapted to other power sources on the market. Ask us for details.

With the dual counter rotating main heads , each with 3 Satellite discs, you will experience the beautiful ergonomics and low operator fatigue, making the daily grind on those large jobs much eaiser on you.

This machine is an example of the versatility of our team to produce machines for different applications.

True to the Satellite tradition, the Satellite 760-6 Generation3 has the super quick Magnetic diamond discs retainer system that has been around for years, meaning the Satellite 760-6 Generation3 is true to the Satellite tradition where the diamond changeover is possible in under 60 seconds!

The disc RPM is optimised for large Grinding projects for best productivity.

The Satellite 760-6 Generation3 is an exceptionally versatile machine, capable of delivering productivity that you would only expect from much larger machines, giving your company very good return on investment.

The Satellite 760-6 Generation3 accepts 6 X 175mm Satellite discs , or 6 -12 tapered diamond plugs.

Use with the Dustmaster RP 3000 or DM-2660 for excellent and effective dust control.

This is an exceptional Concrete Grinding Machine, and, machine packages can be cusomized to combine it with dust extraction and a range of diamond tooling that can provide you with all you need to start your next project.

Ask your team at Floorex for an offer to suit your needs.

Finally, No the Dingo or Twister is not included :-)

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