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Date added: 17/10/2017 The Satellite 400 Generation3 on a polished Floor

The recently released Satellite 400 is the latest in the range of Floorex machines. When a client wanted a 55m2 garage floor to be burnished, it showed its true colours.

The aim was to give the floor a clean smooth burnished finish that was easy to clean and resistant to oils. The client asked that the floor be slightly shiny.

The Satellite 400 was an amazing machine, Built Tough in Australia, and while it has only 2hp and a 100kg machine (compared to the Satellite 480 with 3hp and 160 kg), the machine did it with ease.

The project proved that the Satellite 400 is capable of polishing a floor to very accepatable results. see the video overview below.



Date added: 12/10/2017 Beaver 300 Takes up over-spray at a Large manufacturing facility

Roland enjoyed demonstrating how a Beaver 300 can remove overspray this morning.

Although the spray booth had 12 months of overspray on the floor, up to 20mm thick, the Beaver 300 made very short work of getting back to bare concrete.


Date added: 28/06/2017 Floorex stand at the Kennards Hire Suppliers Exhibition 2017

Haydn and Roland manned the Floorex stand at the Kennards Hire Suppliers Exhibition today.

Thanks to all those who visited our stand, and for the many kind words and excellent feedback.


Kennards Hire Suppliers Exhibition Floorex

Kennards Hire Suppliers Exhibition Floorex

Kennards Hire Suppliers Exhibition Floorex


Date added: 27/06/2017 Eric packs one of the first grinders to be sold out of our new Auckland branch

Eric packs one of the first grinders to be sold out of our new Auckland branch. Come in and see the range!

Eric packs the first grinder to be sold out of our new Auckland branch


Date added: 05/05/2017 The Best two motor vacuum - the DM-2660

The DM-2660 Dustmaster has proven to be one of the best Dust Extractors in the market,

With amazing power that continues past the first day, contractors all over Australia are proving the benefits of using a solid and reliable no frill vacuum that keeps going.

Have a look at the below video where Tony goes over some of the features and benefits.



Date added: 08/03/2017 Sydney Build is around the corner

Sydney Build show is around the corner and Floorex is exibiting at this amazing event!

Come and see us at Stand 50 with our brand new machine release that is set to change the industry.

Register free entry here

Sydney Build 2017 - Floorex

This diverse construction exhibition focuses exclusively on construction opportunities, both non-commercial and commercial.

Sydney Build Expo 2017 is the ideal opportunity for your organisation to gain access to all the latest construction projects in the country and particularly to Sydney; and the opportunity to network with thousands of attendees from contractors, developers, architects, government and other construction industry professionals.

Coming off a great success of its first year show, Sydney Build Expo 2016, the diverse format and content will be back to Sydney again.

The show features:

  • 100+ international exhibitors and thousands of quality attendees showcasing the latest projects, developments, investment and opportunities. 
  • 40+ conference and workshop sessions with 40+ high-level speakers. 
  • 30+ Industry and media partners supporting the show.


Date added: 08/02/2017 A Message to our Melbourne Customers

The news you have been waiting for...!! Floorex has a new showroom in Melbourne!



Date added: 24/01/2017 Where did 2016 go?

A BIG Thank you to all who visited our Sydney office in 2016. Check out the latest deal - only available in the Sydney Showroom.

Where did 2016 go? Floorex


Date added: 07/12/2016 No One Enjoys The TRIP

Established trees next to concrete footpaths, not to mention an aging population, challenged a Western Australian municipal council to consider a more efficient way of dealing with trip hazards.

The City of Stirling had been responding by installing asphalt wedges, but now with the recent acquisition of the Galaxy 250 High Speed Grinder they are able to respond in a much smaller timeframe.

Galaxy 250 on Footpath Trip Hazard

Here Leroy grinds away his first trip hazard keeping a careful eye on the process. In the background the Dustmaster DM-2660 eliminates airborne dust keeping cleanup to a minimum while reducing hazards to the operator.

Check out the Galaxy 250 here, or give us a call and we’ll tailor a package to suit your application.

Galaxy 250 on Footpath Trip Hazard


Date added: 18/10/2016 The Weight is Over !!!

The wait is over! - Introducing the new lightweight Beaver 240.

Beaver 240 Floor Stripper

With all the power of the heaver models, but with as little as half the weight, this is a very portable, very powerful, and very affordable floor-scraper.

This model promises amazing durability and performance but at an affordable price. Check here to see the features and benefits and pricing today


Date added: 22/09/2016 Power To Weight

Power to Weight is a ratio that compares Brute Force with Manoeuvrability.

We will shortly unveil our latest innovation that will give you both power and manoeuvrability that’s affordable to all. Launching early October If you have a little Patience, watch this space for the whole picture!


Date added: 30/08/2016 Floorex is soon releasing a new Separator

Floorex is proud to announce that we are soon releasing a new CPS-6550 cyclonic separator with many major features and upgrades that make your dust collector perform far better.

We have upgraded the SupaSeparator to now cater better to two motor vacuums and also included longopac models at exceptional value.

Check out our range including the new CPS-6550 here

CPS-2660 Separator for Dust and water


Date added: 25/08/2016 HIANZ Conference and Trade Show in New Zealand

The Team at Floorex has been at the HIANZ Conference & Trade Show in Rotorua New Zealand this week

Showcasing the latest and greatest available from the Floorex range of hire tough equipment! The team have sealed a deal with another of the top 3 hire companies in NZ along with strengthening our ties with Kennards Hire and many other major and smaller hire companies in New Zealand.

HIANZ 2016 Show in Rotorua


Date added: 02/08/2016 The Successful Concrete Preparation Guy

You won’t believe what successful concrete preparation guys are doing with their time!

Today, more than ever before, it is important to stay in front by using equipment and tools that reduce the time taken to do every job. Just the other day we were made aware of a company from Europe  who quoted significantly less to do a coatings project in Victoria, Australia. Yes, you are reading that correctly.

This demonstrates just how integrated the world has become; you aren’t just competing against other Australians for projects; you have to be working smart enough to secure the work when other countries are quoting.

This is why it is critical to understand that most other brands of diamond grinders today are using very old technology. Did you know that most brands from out of Australia are using technology that is 30-40 years old? If you are using old technology (and most of the ‘well-known names’ are) then you will find that using much more up-to-date machines is going to make a big difference to what you are doing.

Simply; we can just continue to think that “I’ve used this ‘you-beaut’ brand for the last few years, and I’m smart enough to know that I’m doing it best”.

That line of thinking is the very thing that Floorex does not allow into our thinking. It’s why we are constantly devising new ideas, new technology, to make our machines more competitive. That is why Floorex is so far ahead of these old style machines. It’s why contractors who use Satellite and Meteor are so successful; plus make money.

It’s why we are making sure you know that there are much more efficient machines available today. Machines with the diamond speed and the weight and 2010’s design planetary drive that ensures that you will stay ahead of competition from Australia, and overseas!


Date added: 01/08/2016 Floorex opens new Branch in Sydney!

Flooring contractors in Sydney have been flocking in to the new Floorex Products outlet in Chipping Norton since it opened its doors last month.

With a wide selection of equipment and the Floorex range of tooling and blades available, contractors can now obtain a large range of quality equipment at short notice. 

Come and have a look at the new model DustMaster DM-2660, and our shotblasters while you are there.

For those who haven’t yet seen the new Meteor 250 Generation3, now is a great time to have a look. 

Floorex Sydney



Date added: 27/07/2016 Do You Clean Filters With Compressed Air?

Cleaning dust extractor and vacuum cleaner filters is a messy job, and most of us at some point or another have grabbed the compressed air nozzle and given the filter a really good clean.

The filter looks like new, but did you know that cleaning filters with compressed air will most likely result in damage to the filter media?

Filters are made up of a delicate filter media, and when compressed air pushes on the particles lodged in the filter media, damage to the filter media inevitably occurs. This then allows larger and more abrasive particles to pass through the filter and travel on to the motor, causing damage and wear as they pass through, and significantly reducing the life of the dust extractor. Because this is not something that happens straight away, many contractors don’t see the connection between incorrect filter cleaning methods and reduced dust extractor motor life. The following guidelines will help you can greatly increase the life of your dust extractor and filters.


  1. The first step in any process is to gently tap the filter against a hard surface to loosen the accumulated dust. Take care not to damage the element.
  2. If your filter is washable, use a garden hose without a nozzle. Direct the water to the clean side of the filter first, running the water up and down the filter pleats. Do not bring the nozzle in contact with the filter media at any time. Repeat this process on the dirty side of the filter. Use cool to lukewarm water. Do not use soap! Air-dry for 24-48 hours or until completely dry before you replace it in the vacuum.
  3. Filters that are closed on one end can be cleaned by soaking. The filter should be placed open end up in a suitable tank filled with warm water (37-60 °C or 100-140 °F) and any commercial non-sudsing detergent. Allow to soak for 15-30 minutes, agitate the filter in the solution with a gentle swaying/rotating motion, and allow to soak an additional 10 minutes. Rinse the filter with clean water from the clean side until the water runs clear. Do not fully immerse the filter in the cleaning solution. Care must be taken to avoid contact of the clean side of the filter with the contaminated wash water in the tank. The cleaning solution should not be reused.
  4. To vacuum a filter clean use a standard shop-vacuum or central vacuum supply. Move the vacuum nozzle slowly up and down the pleats on the dirty side of the filter only. Do not bring the nozzle in contact with the filter media at any time. A small brush type nozzle can be used. 5. Floorex does not recommend using compressed air to clean filters under any circumstances. To ensure no damage is done to the filter media the pressure of the compressed air would have to be so low it would be ineffective at cleaning.


  1. Scrape the contaminant from the surface of the media.
  2. Allow dust from the dirty side of the filter to attach to the clean side of the filter during any of these processes.
  3. Allow dust to enter the filter box while the filter is removed.
  4. Disassemble the element to clean.

After cleaning in a well-lighted area, inspect the gasket for continuous adhesion and the absence of tears and cracks. In a darkened room, inspect the filter by placing a shining a torch inside the filter. Visually inspect for weak spots or holes in the media identified by bright pin-holes of light. If defects are detected, discard the filter.

After cleaning and inspecting, permanently mark the filter with the cleaning method, the number of cleans and the date.

All sound too hard? Check out our self-cleaning filters at http://floorex.com.au/dust-collection/dm-series-dust-collectors.html

FINAL NOTE: When a reverse pulse type dust extractor is functioning properly you don’t need to take the filter out to clean it.

For machines with no compressor on board - Simply block the inlet, start the dust extractor and pulse clean the filter. See the video tab here http://floorex.com.au/rp-1236-dustmaster-floorex.html for more detail.


Date added: 07/07/2016 The new DM-2660 Dust Extractor is now available

Floorex has just released the DM-2660 dual motor Dust Extractor!

DM-2660 Dust Extractor

This machine has features that many contractors are loving including no electronics and filter cleaning that just works. It just ticks all the boxes!  Have a look here


Date added: 06/07/2016 Floorex Products NSW Office is Opening on the 11th July 2016

Floorex has now opened the store and showroom at Chipping Norton NSW!

This office is open Monday to Friday moving forward from 11th July 2016. Come and have a look at the huge range available from Sydney and meet one of our team.


Date added: 01/06/2016 New Meteor 250 is now released

Floorex has launched the new Meteor 250 Generation3 Machine.

Meteor 250 Generation3

This machine is a major advance on the previous model with auto axle leveling and the HVA meter. Have a look at the new model here!


Date added: 25/07/2012 Looking for grout pumps? - Now in Stock the MINI Screed Pump

Floorex now has Mini Screed Pumps available Check them out here!

These Pumps are excellent for large projects requiring consistent results


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