RP-1236 Dustmaster Vacuum

> Dustmaster RP 1236, 1200w

CODE: RP-1236

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The DustMaster RP 1236 is compact, but also big..... Light, but particularly powerful. Just as uncompromising as it is adaptable; opposites come together in the RP 1236.

The compact dimensions and low weight of the new RP 1236 will bring greater flexibility to the job.

Both the front swivel castors and rear wheels are made from a specially designed material for reduced wear, and the locking brake and precisely balanced, low centre of gravity ensure stability on any surface.

For an impressive display of just how big something small can be, take a look under the removable upper section of the new RP 1236, newly developed dust container and a pulse cleaned, space efficient flat filter which are specially optimised for use with concrete dust. Driven by a high-power turbine, these features mean the RP 1236 picks up significantly more dust, and provides consistently high suction, even over long periods of use.

Adding a CPS 24-50 Separator will enhance performance of the pulse system significantly and prolong the life of the RP 1236. We always recommend using the RP1236 with a CPS 24-50, It just always pays off.

  • Complete with 3.5m hose •with a dual 50/38mm end for the floor tool and the standard 50mm port.
  • Variable Suction Level 
  • Filter Surface area of 6318cm2 •
  • Automatic Filter Cleaning System •every 10 -12 seconds
  • Container Volume 36 Litre (filter does not intrude into this area)
  • Ideal for Hand Grinders, Meteor 250, Galaxy 250Satellite 380 and Satellite 480 Diamond Grinders

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