Does the Size of a Grinder and Polisher Affect the Quality of Polish that can be Achieved?

Does the size of a Grinder and Polisher affect the Quality of Polish that can be achieved?

  • No, the size of the machine does not affect the quality of polish.
  • It may affect the overall flatness of the floor depending on the characteristics of the machine used.
    Yes, the size does affect how long it takes.

Some Facts:

  • The benefit of a heavier or larger machine is related to how much work can be done in a day.
  • A heavier, bigger machine generally is faster due to two factors: weight and power.
  • If a machine is wider than another model and the horsepower and weight is no different, it will not mean that it is going to be faster. The weight and power will remove the same amount of concrete per hour.
  • A machine that has a motor with a lot of horsepower may not necessarily mean it will be able to do lots of production if it does not have enough weight to make the diamond in the tooling bite down into the surface effectively.
  • Remote control machines may seem like a great way to do the job, but experience shows that over a typical 8-hour day you will achieve fewer square metres compared to walking behind the machine in the conventional way. Strange, but true.
  • Bear in mind of course that some brands of machine will pull to one side or the other and for that reason require a lot of energy to control. The operator may tire quickly and therefore require swapping operators from time to time.
  • It is possible that some larger width machines may make a flatter result.
  • If you use a large machine and reduce your labour costs, why not opt to be more profitable rather than reduce your price to do the job! (Reducing your price to do the job raises the question of whether you are better off not investing and avoiding the struggle to repay the larger amount. Not good business practice.)

We recommend that before making decisions on what machine is right for you, ask yourself:

    Am I making the decision because “I did this last time”?
    Have made I sure that the machine that I am working with is designed in 2010’s or 2020’s?
    Have I done the sums of “cost of ownership”? This means I have analysed the cost per year of owning a machine; from purchase of the machine, spare parts, service and repairs and diamond tooling over an extended period of ten to fifteen years.

Businesses rarely become profitable by accident, and attention to these factors will ensure your business has a clearer view of what drives profitability!