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I would like to express my appreciation, and acknowledge the Floorex’ families commitment to customer service.

I own 2 Floorex dinosaurs which were purchased second hand around 6 years ago. The floorex 760-6 concrete grinder, and the Floorex RP-3000 Dust extractor, these machines were new in 2007 and have countless hours work since then.
They have required very little maintenance over the years, and even though I didn’t buy them from Floorex, whenever I may have any issues they are a phone call away, and are only too happy to help me through it.
I recently upgraded all the motors and solenoids on the old RP3000, and took the machine in to Floorex Swan Hill, where they made some adjustments to tweak the performance and gave it a once over check. While I was there they made me feel so welcome, and gave me a tour of the factory, afterwards I left and was in absolutely no doubt of the skills and knowledge these people possess.
I also own a Floorex Satellite 480 Mk II which was purchased brand new in 2010, This machine is so heavy duty and reliable, I am amazed at how little I have had to spend on it over the years.
As a small business owner I have paid good money for cheap inferior machines and tooling thinking I would save money, but am finally realizing this is the wrong way to get ahead. In the future I want to surround myself with people in the know, who can supply quality equipment and service. That’s why I will recommend Floorex.

Bob – Castelmaine May 2019

Thank you for dropping of the discs, great service. We will use Floorex more from now. Not only are your prices better but your service is excellent

Hire Shop in NZ Sep 2019

I purchased 800# SuprSheen polishing pads, spending the extra $$$$ more on top quality products and achieving the best results lasting me long square meters. the most helpful team with amazing knowledge. Thank you so much Floorex!

Sandra Guardiani 29/09/20018

Rav is a master, and also gives the best advice. Won’t shop anywhere else.

Angelo D’Amico 24 Jan, 2018

Thanks for having us. Love the passion you guys have for your products and business.

Lance Hawes 22 Jan, 2018

The package arrived at 11.00 am WST today. Amazing service from your company, thank you very much.

Rocko Spray Pave 10 Nov, 2017

Thanks for the great product. The shroud is fantastic, flexible and the edge shroud is great for getting to the wall.

The diamond disc worked great like grinding through butter, effortless!

Also thanks taking the time to show me the products in your show room, fantastic machines and accessories! Will definitely use these products!

Keep up the great work. Kind regards

Joey Pitovao

Thanks for the great product Nov 10, 2017

The Floorex Meteor 250 Generation3 from Floorex. Perfect size and grunt for my line of work. Plus, after sales service is second to none

Ange D’Amico Nov 02, 2017

We like the Floorex Satellite 480. Had some other brands in the past but threw out at the local waste facility. Floorex maintenance is very low cost

Mark Jones 01 Nov, 2017

AMAZING! Best customer service around. Had heaps of questions through the processes and each member of their staff have been so helpful and guided me through. Thanks heaps!

Magnus Jul 22, 2017

Very special thanks to Bill for bringing my Meteor 250 to WA today. Bills product knowledge on all of machines & tooling is exceptional.

Jupp’s have had a couple of satellite 480 early series machines and these still going today. These products are built to last and I would only recommend.

Darren Symonds Jul 15, 2017

Dear Floorex, Here is the balance payment, thank your guys for us, we appreciate the extra time. We will be back for more product. We really appreciate the help to get our business going.

Neil & Greg Jan 18, 2017

Thanks, Floorex super quick processing and shipping is very much appreciated.

Andrew Jan 17, 2017

Floorex is a great company to deal with and you have been very helpful! Looking forward to dealing with you again in the future.

Professional Builder DSR | Ballarat May 23, 2016

I find the Floorex staff to be the most helpful people I have ever dealt with

Gordon Leschke | SWH May 20, 2016

That Beaver 300 – It’s an amazing machine, been out on quite a few hires already. Our customers have all given really good feedback. One did 2000 Square Meters of vinyl take up in one day… Amazing!

Branch manager | Major Hire Company Australia May 19, 2016

I am just writing to say Thank you for your speedy service and great customer care that I received from your store.
I ordered goods via phone on Friday and received them by 9.30 Monday morning. I am very grateful for this as I am all the way down in Phillip Island and the turnaround for mail is usually days if not weeks.
Once again Thank you!

Professional Contractor | Phillip Island Jan 20, 2016

I found the staff at Floorex in Swan Hill to be most helpful, A pleasure to deal with

Professional Contractor GL | SWH Feb 9, 2015

we wish all companies we dealt with were as much of a pleasure to deal with as yours
your equipment is second to none

Professional Contractor PF | Cambelltown Aug 15, 2014

After recent comments from a client I wish to pass on some positive feedback.

MRJ have been using Floorex Satellite 480 grinders/Polishers for 6 Years.

Prior to Switching to Floorex equipment, we were using other brands of grinder/polishers that were very costly with ongoing repairs.

We have been involved in a wide variety of projects from commercial to residential and have found that satellite 480 grinders allow us to provide a level of workmanship that many of our clients expect that we could only deliver if we were using larger 3 Phase Type machines.

This was echoed recently on a residential project where we were engaged to undertake a restoration of a recently complete polished concrete floor that was finished to a very low standard by another contractor.

The end result delivered by using the satellite 480 Machines was outstanding, with comments from the client that they could not believe we achieved what we did with smaller single phase grinder/polisher compared to the larger machines as used by the previous contractor.

MRJ will continue to support Floorex as our business grows.

MRJ Industrial Apr 26, 2014

THANKS to management & team at Floorex.
Your prompt assistance to phone calls etc is appreciated

Thanks again.

Professional Contractor | NSW Sep 21, 2012

We have been happy with the service and your excellent customer relations skills you have provided.
Thank You very much ,we look forward to doing business in the near future.

Professional Contractor | VIC Sep 19, 2012

Thank you again for your wonderful service and thoughtful gift. What a wonderful surprise to receive such a generous gift. It is most appreciated.

Professional Home Builder | QLD Sep 19, 2012

These Satellite Machines are “BULLET-PROOF

Professional Contractor | Sydney Jul 4, 2012