H-Class Filter Testing & Certification Bookings


  • Upgrade your DM from “M” to “H” Class + any additional parts needed.
  • Serial number Certification for Single & Twin Motor Vacuums.
  • Replacement of Main Filter Element + Install Secondary H14 Filter.

Floorex provides H-Class Filter Testing & Certification (DOP testing) in each of our locations around Australia & New Zealand on certain dates, stay tuned for upcoming Sydney, Brisbane & Auckland dates.

  • This service is for Floorex DustMaster vacuums only. We do not provide certification on other brands at this point.
  • It is important that your machine is dropped off the day before.
  • You will be notified via email when it is completed, Usually on the day of your selected time slot, occasionally it may be the next day.
  • Select your location and date then the first available time slot.