Determining Meteor 250 Motor Issues

Diagnosing the Meteor 250 Motor problems is easy with simple checks you can do to find out the problem.

Firstly let’s look at the information on the motor and what is normal.

  • The motor normally should draw 4-5A no load
  • The Start Capacitor is a capacitor with a 3 second timer built in so it disconnects in 3 seconds after the grinder is up and going.
  • The Run Capacitor should be labelled & measure 65µf
  • The Start Capacitor should be labelled & measure 60µf

Now work through these steps to find your issue. (Qualified persons only beyond this point!)

Step one: Verify the wiring is correct.

  1. Check the below picture of the typical wiring on the meteor 250 with Ravel motor

Determining Meteor Chart - Floorex
Step two: Measure the Capacitors.

  1. Disconnect one leg of the capacitors to measure them independently
  2. If one or both are out by more than 5% Replace it

Step three: determine if the start capacitor timer is not working

  1. The Start Capacitor may measure 60µf but not switch off in 3 seconds
  2. If the machine is drawing between 10 and 15A no load then often it is just the 60µf start capacitor that is not functioning correctly (stuck on)
  3. To verify this the 60µf Cap can be disconnected and the machine tested no load and hopefully it will draw 4-5A once running. If this is the case, replacing the Start Capacitor will fix the issue

Step four: Determining if the motor is burnt out.

  1. If the machine is drawing over 15A it often means the motor is burnt out.
  2. Disconnecting the Start capacitor as above with eliminate any issues with that.
  3. Verify the Run Capacitor is measuring 65µf
  4. Test and if the machine is still not around 4-5A no load then almost certainly the motor is burnt out
  5. Remove the fan Cowl and Fan and the motor end cap
  6. Have a look inside on the windings of the motor.
  7. They are normally gold with no discoloration anywhere. They most likely be black or sections of them will be black.
  8. If the motor is burnt out, is it not normally worth repair and a replacement is better value.

If in doubt of if you need more help on this please call us on 1800 356 673

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