Grind and polish right into corners

A question we often get asked is how do I grind and polish right into the corner of a concrete slab when there is walls in the way?

There is simply no better method known to us than using the GrinderTec Corner grinder.

This is an excellent grinder that is designed to grind right into the corner using a specially shaped diamond grinding metal bond segment and also the resin bond triangle shaped pads. These tools are made especially just for the Multi tool.

GrinderTec Corner Grinder Smart Tool Blade - Floorex GrinderTec Smart Multi Tool Hand Tool only - Floorex







The good news is that you possible may already have one of these tools and all you need to do is to purchase a range of diamonds to suit it.

Have a look here to see the metal bond range of Smart tool diamond corner grinding bits to suit your multi tool. These are available in 16 Mesh, 30 mesh, 80 Mesh and 150 Mesh.

We also carry a top-of-the-range MultiTool unit which you can buy. This has a quick release function making the tool change effortless and easy. see the below video on this excellent tool.

If you need to polish the corner of concrete slab up against the walls you can then use our Velcro of hook and loop triangular pad along with our polishing pads.

Dust extraction is best achieved by holding a hose into the corner near the tool. This is because every scenario is very different and making a tool with a shroud would make it too bulky to get good use against the corner.

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