Galaxy 250 G3 – Replacing the coupling

After many hours of work we recommend checking the galaxy 250 coupling for wear and replacing parts as needed

Here we look at how to assemble the coupling

A bearing puller may be needed to remove the coupling if it needs to be removed however if the coupling is still tight on the shaft you don’t need to remove the coupling

You may need the following tools and equipment

  • 5mm Hex key wrench or a 5mm rattle gun tip
  • 6mm Hex key wrench or a 6mm rattle gun tip
  • 8mm Hex key wrench or a 8mm rattle gun tip
  • long lever bar for tightening above tools
  • Small hammer
  • Brake cleaner
  • Rubber mallet
  • Long large straight slot screwdriver to remove coupling elements
  • Torque wrench set to 140Nm
  • 22mm Socket for above
  • Loctite 680 Shaft mount
  • Loctite 243 Thread locker
  • Large bearing puller to remove coupling outer if needed

If in doubt of if you need more help on this please call us on 1800 356 673

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