Sanding wooden floors with a Satellite 480

Have you ever wondered if you can sand wooden floors with a Satellite 480 Grinder?

Sanding wooden floors with a Satellite 480 leaves an amazing result and can be used for the final finish ready for clear coats even providing the right process is followed.

If you are not polishing the timber floor after but are just cleaning the glues and old coatings or removing staples, start with diamond discs that are normally used for concrete that have more than 6 segments. this will flatten the floor ready for the next stage for sanding.

Once the floor has all imperfections removed you can then fit velcro or hook and loop pads to the machine that will allow you to install the traditional sanding pads and achieve finishes that surpass that of traditional drum sanders!

See below Video of Paquetry sanding example using a Satellite 480

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