What is better? Discs or Knock-In Shoes?

The concept of being able to individually remove each segment sounds good; but it does have some major drawbacks in reality:

Typically Floorex has not utilised ‘knock-in shoes’ for several very good reasons.

  1. The consumption of diamond use on newly re-installed shoes will be higher for the first while until they bed in again. You could lose up to 5-10% each time you change them
  2. Often, even with knock on shoes they take around 2-3 times as longer to change.
  3. If you want flat floors, you will achieve flatter floors with discs every time (all other things being equal).
  4. Once you wear a set of shoes to a certain point you cannot just add another two segments as they will for certain be a different height meaning you will have to keep sets together, You might as well have a single disc holding them together.
  5. By using 175mm discs on most of the satellite machines, if you were to ever have an incomplete set you can use them on hand grinders.
  6. Using converter plate or adaptor plate on the Satellite or Meteor 250 Machines is not recommended and could lead to voiding your warranty

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