Why we recommend 3 Segment discs for coating removal

Why we recommend 3 Segment discs for coating removal .

Ever wondered why a 3 segment disc is recommended for coating or adhesive removal?

Consider the difference between the stability of this tripod and this chair.
The tripod is sable even if I put a packer under one leg, but when we put the packer under one of the chair legs, only two of them take the weight of the chair and the other two have very little or no pressure.

In the same way, the 3 segment disc will always have all the segments touching the surface. This usually results in the softer coating or adhesive being removed from the surface without first removing the high spots. This can speed up coating removal dramatically.

As soon as more than 3 segments are used, the disc will bridge over low spots leaving the coating or glue and it will remove high spots and flatten the floor first rather than removing the coating.

After removing the coating, discs with more than 3 segments can be used to flatten the floor if required.


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