Meet The Team

Haydn Reynolds

CEO & Founder

Haydn’s history as a surface preparation and coating specialist, dating back to the early 80’s, his passionate knowledge in this area has been instilled in our team. Haydn worked alongside Tony in the early 2000’s to manufacture & develop the Satellite which has been continually developed to the renowned brand as we all know it today. As tough as nails; The first Satellite machine is still going strong!


Roland Scott

Head of Customer Support

Nearly everyone dealing with Floorex has probably talked to Roland. A key member of our Customer Service and Sales teams, He assists with a large volume of the daily inbound calls, and also gets out and meet customers in VIC & QLD areas. Roland loves helping people and he always reminds the team to keep absolutely honest and authentic, because people can tell anyway!


Bill Dowell

Customer Suport

With his roots in WA, Bill provides exceptional customer experience in Western Australia along with ACT region and country NSW. Bill keeps the Team alive with his humorous attitude.


Anita Dodds

Head of Marketing

With a flair for Marketing and Social media, Anita is the one that keeps you informed of all our new Innovations and Developments. Anita also is responsible for keeping your account for you and making sure deliveries are tracked and if there is a problem she will most likely know before you do and be already onto it!


Doug Reynolds

Head of Administration

Doug has an eye for detail. His passion for the best team spirit influences us all. Doug also manages Floorex in New Zealand along with the team in Auckland. Doug also manages our partnerships with all hire companies and distributors locally and around the world.


Gavin Mak

Melbourne Trade Desk

Gavin and a dedicated and enthusiastic member of our team. Coming from a marble and Tile background, he prides himself in helping you become more successful.


Peter Manning

Machine Production

Peter is an experienced mechanic and brings a wealth of knowledge in mechanical assembly details


Ravindra Nair

Sydney Trade Desk

Ravindra is one of the Top team members in Sydney and loves to care for the customer first. If you want to get a deal in Sydney or have a go at a satellite, Rav will welcome you to the showroom in Chipping Norton


Suzie Anderson

Reception & Accounts Assistant

Coming from a highly professional business, Suzie is one that is dedicated to getting you through to the right person and also assists Doug in the management of accounting


Tony Reynolds

Head of Production

Tony is one of the original designers of the first satellite early in the year of 2000. A master of CAD design, Tony is the designer behind our fantastic brands such as Beaver, Mastiff, Satellite, Meteor, GrinderTec and the list goes on! Tony also looks after customers needs in South Australia along with any more technical knowledge of machines he is your man for help with queries you may have with machine repairs and maintenance.


Eric Sleegers

Head of New Zealand

Eric Heads up the distribution and office in New Zealand. His enormous wealth of knowledge and management experience will make a visit with him in Auckland an inspiration, & on top of that he serves a mean espresso! Eric is passionate about you, the customer taking the most of the calls from our New Zealand customers.


Bernie Mays

Machine Production

Burnie is passionate about the Satellite 760-6 machines (that’s his favourite machine)… He is also the most senior member of the production team, building Satellite machines since the very first designs were hand crafted back in 2001. With Such knowledge, bernie is often assigned the more complex machine builds and also maintenance of machines as they arrive for servicing.


Jason Manning

Machine Production

Jason is a man on a mission with young talent. Amongst other things, he also builds Meteor 250 grinders in his sleep ;-). Always smiling and happy, Jason is a valuable member of the Team at Floorex!


Tony Holloway

Despatch Manager

Tony Holloway is dedicated to getting your orders out on time and keeps our store and spare parts warehouse orderly and neat ready to ship your goods out on time, Every Time. Tony has an eye for lean manufacturing skills, assisting in production processes and techniques