Our History & DNA

Our history has been an interesting journey …. from the years before we began, through to today, you will be interested to see the milestones that we have achieved.

May 2023

We release the Satellite 760 G4 RC Grinder at the HRIA trade show in Sydney

April 2023

We release the Beaver 160 handheld floor scraper

June 2022

Euromair Training and Distributorship
Euromair MixPro 50 three phase Floor screed pumping machine - Floorex

August 2021

We release the Generation4 Satellite 480 machines

May 2021

Skina Copper Bond segments are introduced to greatly enhance the polishing process and the shape of the segments is now more durable and longer lasting

September 2020

Floorex moves its diamond production into Australia for greater quality and control over supply
Diamond Production into Australia

July 2020

The newly designed JointMaster CC250 clean-out and crack chaser saw is released to the market

June 2020

Floorex gains the Australian Made certification on JointMaster Machines

Febuary 2020

Floorex releases the Dustmaster DM-AS100 Air Scrubber with larger machines due on the market shortly.

January 2020

The Floorex Auckland Branch has just opened in a new location! Come in and see our state of the art showroom facilities today!

Floorex Products - QLD Wacol Branch near Brisbane

May 2019

Floorex gains the Australian Made certification on Satellite, Meteor, Galaxy, Beaver, Mastiff & RP-4000 Machines

March 2019

With the opening of the QLD Wacol branch near Brisbane is a success with a full showroom & Test slab – Come in today and give us a try.
Floorex Products - QLD Wacol Branch near Brisbane

December 2018

The machines the have the HVA Meter are now supplied with USB outlet to maintain your phone while you work

July 2018

Development and release of the Satellite 480 G3 Petrol. adding another versatile machine for outdoors
Floorex Grinding Equipment - Floorex

May 2018

The Brand Skina is registered and a new range is added the Suprsheen polishing system giving greater flexibility when polishing

April 2018

Release of the new Jointmaster 200 G3. An amazing upgrade to the previous model

Jul 2017

The first Mastiff 200 Scarifier is unveiled and has incredible interest in the patented design and many features that make it stand out.

Jun 2017

Floorex opens a branch in Auckland NZ as the beginning of our penetration into New Zealand. Go Kiwis!!

Feb 2017

With the success of the Sydney branch, Floorex opens a branch in Melbourne Springvale

Mar 2016

Floorex opens a branch in Sydney area to better serve our NSW customers.

Feb 2016

We welcome the Floorex designed and produced Beaver 300 Self propelled Floor Scraper. With the past success of the Beaver 250 and knowing how reliable this amazing machine is, we have created the most durable and feature packed machine that promises many happy customers and hire companies.

Aug 2014

Floorex introduces the patented Satellite SP planetary Drive System. The SP system eliminates problems with belts and pulleys and means that maintenance is easily performed on site with just 2 tools rather than needing to be serviced in a workshop.

Nov 2011

The Satellite 480 is upgraded to Generation3 from the MkII. With Generation3 we have introduced the HVA meter and much more robust handle folding mechanism and enhancements to usability and functionality. Listening to major hire companies and the contractors we have designed and developed the ultimate grinder in its class.

Oct 2010

We designed and introduced the first Beaver 250 unit. This is a promising machine that delivers powerful punch. With the straight shot system and many other features that are designed to last hire abuse and contractors alike.

Dec 2009

The First Meteor 250 MkII is developed and brought to market featuring enhanced coupling and folding handle.

May 2009

Floorex develops the first Satellite 650 MkII variable speed. A rugged and durable 3 phase grinder and polisher.

Jan 2009

We start production on the Satellite 480 MkII machines. This machine is an amazing with vast improvements to the control and functionality of the unit including wider wheel base and dust control.

May 2008

Floorex develops the RP-2000 and RP-3000 machines that are compact and extremely robust.

Sep 2007

The first Meteor 250 Mk1 is developed and brought to market.

Sep 2006

Floorex is formed as a company (Proprietary limited)

Jul 2006

Floorex develops the first Satellite 550 Mk1 3 Phase unit.

Feb 2006

The first Satellite is developed from the Prepmaster 380 unit. The Satellite 480 Mk1, as it became, was first created by bolting some 7″ cup wheels to a worn out diamond plug and mounting 3 of these under the ole 380!
Realising the successful and durable nature of this system, the machine was developed further to include a floating shroud similar to how we know it today and the first one rolls off the production line in Australia.

Apr 2005

The design and launch of the PME 180 was a success and many machines were sold in the first few weeks.

Jul 2003

The floor preparation division of Blastmaster (BlastOne) is acquired by Haydn and Floorex becomes its own entity… employing Haydn and his son Doug.

May 2003

Floorex develops the first SHG-380 (which became the Satellite 480) originally developed for use with diamond plugs only

May 2003

Blastmaster forges links with EDCO in America supplying and servicing EDCO brand throughout Australia

Oct 2002

Floorex develops the first DHG-640 (which became the 760-6 originally developed for use with diamond plugs only.

Apr 2002

Angus Kennard from Kennards Hire acquires the Floorex hire equipment and division (Floorex was hiring around Australia). This became Kennards Concrete Care as we know it today and is still a very strong bonding link with FLoorex and Kennards.

Dec 2001

The trading name “Floorex Products” is registered by Haydn and licensed for use by Blastmaster (BlastOne) in view of separating the businesses once established.

Jul 2001

With Haydn appointed manager of the floor preparation sector at Blastmaster, They could see they needed to create a separate trading name to manage and market it with the possibility of forming it into a new company in years to come.

Nov 1999

Haydn identifies that the market needed a serious rugged dust collector for concrete dust. Seeing this need, Haydn developed (in house) the first-of-its-kind RP-3000 Steel bodied Dust Collector designed with a system that reverses the airflow without a compressor, this principle was soon adopted by a lot of companies including Nilfisk and Festool in their smaller vacuums.


Blastmaster makes a focused effort to commit to serving the floor preparation industry. Haydn proves to have a special passion for the industry and is placed at the head of this division.


Blastmaster commits to servicing the Australian market with the US Filter Group line of products which includes Blastrac and Sawtec Brands

Apr 1993

Haydn moves to northern Victoria in view of servicing the north Vic and NSW and QLD markets in the blasting industry

June 1984

Blastmaster (Now called BlastOne) employs Haydn Reynolds. The CEO and founder of Floorex, Haydn was their first employee outside the family of the Goodens. Blastmaster focus was Surface preparation in many areas including Steel (sand) Blasting, Water-blasting and Concrete preparation.