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Concrete Preparation

The Fundamentals

Here we look at the key reasons why concrete need to be prepared. We look at common methods of preparation and also take a look at surface profiles and where they are used

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Diamond Grinding

What it is & How it works

Step by Step training on diamond grinding and the science behind all the variables in diamonds and concrete. We use the Satellite 480 Concrete Grinders and Polisher to train you on how to get the most out of your equipment. and how to get the best productivity out of your machine.

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Polishing Concrete

How to

Concrete polishing is an amazing process that transforms the concrete surface to an amazing, flat & dust free surface that is beautiful and makes a statement. We discuss the concrete structure and what floors can be polished and much more. Using a standard Satellite we show you how to deal with many variables you will encounter.

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The ins and outs

how to use a shotblaster and the how it works. We cover how to get the most out of shotblasters, what to look out for including maintaining the machine

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