PTA – Polishing Concrete Part 1

In this module of the Premium Training Academy we look at the fundamentals of Polished Concrete. Using the standard Satellite Grinder and Polisher, we take you through the steps how to polish concrete successfully using the Suprsheen® system and look at the variables we can encounter.

In this training module we assume you already have a grasp of the fundamentals of diamond grinding which we cover in detail in the Diamond Grinding module of the Premium Training Academy. This module has the following parts;

  1. Introduction – You are here
  2. What is polished concrete?
  3. Why polished concrete?
  4. What Concrete can be polished?
  5. What we can and can’t control in the existing concrete slab
  6. What are the variables we have to work with?
  7. Tooling we need to use
  8. Chemicals that can be used to assist in strengthening & sealing the surface.
  9. Step By Step Process we take the floor though
  10. Things to look out for
  11. Maintenance of polished concrete
  12. Much more