Coating Application Tools

Best Coating Application Tools to Finish Your Flooring

When you have finished with laying down your screeds and smoothening out your flooring surface, all that’s left to do is to apply the final coating. This is a sensitive job and so you will need to exercise caution to maintain the excellent quality of your floors, whilst also using only the most trusted tools and supplies. Here at Floorex Products, we have a wide selection of the best coating application tools that will help you have the perfect flooring finish.


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Spiked Shoes for Worker Mobility

It’s not a good idea to walk on a freshly screeded or painted floor surface before it has completely dried because you will certainly leave unsightly footprints, putting all your hard work to waste. But with spiked overshoes, this won’t be a problem.

Spike shoes can allow workers to walk on these surfaces and continue with their work, keeping productivity high. Pretty much like spiked rollers, these shoes will even release gas trapped in the paint or wet screed, which will help prevent air bubbles from rising and forming on the surface.

We have a range of superior quality spiked shoes in our catalogue, available in sizes small to XL.

Squeegees and Paint Rollers

There are many possible floor finishes that you can use over a concrete surface. In most cases, multiple layers of epoxy will be applied for protection onto the concrete substrates. For thick industrial floors, trowel machines Gold Coast might be used to apply the epoxy onto the surface. But for most commercial flooring, a good epoxy floor squeegee can be used for the application. Epoxy squeegees are particularly efficient because they allow for a fast and even application with minimal effort.

If you are just going to paint over the smoothened concrete floor, you would just need some high quality paint rollers. A paint roller extension pole would also be useful to easily cover large areas. Floorex Products offers squeegees and paint rollers in different sizes and materials to meet your needs.

Browse the Floorex range today and select from the best display of coating application tools. Order now and we will have your items delivered right away!