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Best Chemicals and Concrete Treatment Products

Concrete is hard and strong but just like any other material, it requires proper maintenance and treatment in order to maintain its integrity for as long as possible. Without proper concrete care, it will be susceptible to damages like cracking, spalling, staining and water damage, especially with excessive exposure to the elements and temperature extremes.

In addition, polished concrete is a surface that requires protection from the elements and also damage from household and commercial cleaning agents to prevent the surface from becoming porous again and losing its shine.

Here at Floorex, we offer a wide range of safe and effective chemicals to aid in your concrete waterproofing or concrete polishing and resurfacing tasks. Browse our catalogue and choose the most suitable treatment products!

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Wide Range of Concrete Stain Colours

Anyone who thinks concrete is boring has not yet seen the impressive range of colours of the Floorex selection of concrete stains. Choose from more than a dozen pretty hues like blue Hawaii, Cayman green, Chicago brick, purple rain, terracotta, Sequoia sunset, and many more. These shades will definitely elevate the style of your finished concrete floors and other surfaces.

Safe and Environment-Friendly Concrete Cleaner

No more worries about fumes and toxic content when it comes to cleaning your concrete. Floorex Products offers the highly trusted and EPA approved SlurrySafe range of organic compounds. Ideal not only for concrete clean-up, but it also comes strongly recommended for descaling, diamond tool cleaning, rust removal, and grout haze removal.

Quality Products for Polished Concrete Floor Care

There are several processes involved in order to ensure the perfect quality and appearance of your polished floor surface. One of the first and most important is the application of concrete sealant, also known as grouting which fills in all spaces between tiles and any other gaps in the concrete surface.

Next is the application of floor coatings for further protection. Epoxy coatings, for instance, are useful for waterproofing and making the surface resistant to chemicals and scuffing. For these procedures, you can take a look at the SuprSheen chemical products in our shop. We have them in 5L and 20L containers.

Top-Grade Products for Results That Last

Don’t compromise the quality of your concrete surfaces by using substandard chemicals and concrete treatment products. Choose only from the carefully selected products here at Floorex and rest assured that you will have the finest and most flawless concrete surfaces for years to come.