High Quality Consumables for Your Construction Equipment

Great construction work is highly dependent on the quality of equipment used. But what many workers and even construction contractors fail to realise is that it is just as important to use high quality consumables. What’s the point in having top-of-the-line equipment when the consumables you choose down the line are substandard? Here at Floorex, we offer the finest products in our entire consumables range.
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Wide Range of Top-of-the-Line Consumables

One of the many things that we are very proud of here at Floorex is that we carry a complete range of consumables for all brands and models of concrete surface preparation equipment available in Australia.

For Concrete Grinders

If you are looking for the best diamond grinding wheels to upgrade your old concrete grinding wheels, we have several choices for you. In particular, if you need some new diamond cup grinding wheels, we have plenty from the F Series diamond tooling collection. They are available in varying sizes and colours. These diamond cup wheels fit perfectly on GrinderTec Hand Grinders, as well as Satellite Machines.

For Crack Chasers

We also have fast-selling diamond blades designed for use on crack chasing machines. Different diameter sizes are available, from 125mm all the way to 200mm.

For Floor Scrapers

For your floor scrapers, we have a wide variety of floor scraper blades to choose from, depending on what kind of material you are removing from the floor. You can choose from our range of carpet blades for the removal of bonded carpets, which have a 2mm thickness and range in width from 70mm to 400mm.

Polishing Pads

Different kinds of pads are used in the concrete preparation process and you would be happy to know that we have all kinds in all sizes here at Floorex. Whether you need concrete polishing pads, sanding pads, or resin pads for concrete polishing, we have them available in all the standard sizes.

In case you need to replace any of the consumable parts of your equipment, you now know where to turn. But why wait until you run out? Stock up on the consumables that you often use to ensure uninterrupted work. Browse the Floorex selection and place your orders today!