Instruments & Publications

Instruments & Publications

Construction work is largely reliant on the use of precision instruments and reliable references, at least if you want to get the job done well. Here at Floorex Products, we offer all the instruments and tools you need to ensure that you meet industry standards and the design specifications of clients.

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Importance of Using Instruments for Precision

In construction, one of the most important qualities that you need to check is the comprehensive strength of concrete. This is typically done in a laboratory where concrete samples are placed in specially designed cylindrical moulds.

Another important test is the slump cone test which guarantees that each batch of freshly mixed concrete passes all standards before being poured on site. This test checks for the water to cement ratio, among other properties of the concrete mixture.

Finally, you also need to check for drying shrinkage. Over time, hardened concrete can undergo moisture loss, causing it to shrink or contract which will have a negative impact on your structure’s durability and appearance. You can check for concrete moisture using instruments like the Tramex CMEX5 Concrete Moisture Encounter X5, or the TRAMEX CME5 Moisture Meter Complete.

Floorex Products also offers a range of other tools and instruments that you can use to improve the quality of your concrete,

Access to Valuable Information

Even if you are already an expert, you can’t rest on your laurels when it comes to construction work because there are always new methods and techniques being developed. Our range of publications can keep you updated on the most current trends whilst also refreshing you on the fundamentals of working with concrete.

Check out some of our self-explanatory bestselling titles, The Fundamentals of Cleaning & Coating Concrete, and Concrete Repair Manual Edition 2. We also have the contractor’s favourite, Real World Epoxies which answers many of your questions that pertain to industrial flooring.

Ensure the High Quality of Your Concrete Output

Precision is key when it comes to world-class construction work. Make sure that all measurements are on point by using our perfectly calibrated instruments and highly trusted publications. Browse the Floorex Products selection to find what you need and place your orders today!