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The Floorex range of concrete grinders and polishers

Floorex Satellite diamond grinders were first conceived back in late 1999-2000 with the aim to produce reliable concrete preparation machines that have low cost of ownership and did not have the inefficiencies of the typical planetary machines. Since then we have developed and manufactured in Australia (View Video) 4 generations of the best concrete prep grinders and concrete polishers… more…

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The typical planetary concrete grinder has a lot of moving parts such as belts and pulleys bearings, gear ratios and reduction stages. The result of this complicated system is that the system requires a lot of maintenance and repairs and also, those repairs have to be performed by a qualified workshop and repairer, driving up the cost of ownership.

The cost of ownership became a driving factor in the development of the Satellite, Meteor and Galaxy range of concrete grinders and polishing machines. Typically a Satellite concrete grinder with provide well over 1000 hours or 3-6 years of service without ever having a major service and even then it only requires a small maintenance items to be replaced. The main transmission will often see a service life of well over 15 years of solid hard work, Indeed some of our original machines we developed are still in service today with the original transmissions!

For this reason, Floorex grinders are loved by hire companies such as Kennards Hire and Coates Hire or even your local independent hire shop because of their high return on investment, often these machines will pay for themselves within 6 months or less. If you don’t believe us, try one and prove it for yourself!

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