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High Quality Screed Mixing Equipment Makes for the Perfect Floors

Floor screeds play an important part in floor construction, whether you plan on using the screed as just the base of the final flooring, or as the floor finish itself. In order to achieve the exact look that you are envisioning for your floor, you should use a well-blended screed mixture. The best way to achieve this is with the help of a reliable screed mixing machine.

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Importance of Mixing Equipment in Construction

The use of mixing equipment is crucial in construction because it allows for the fast, even and thorough mixing of different components. Whether you are using screed hand power mixers, planetary mixers or paint mixers, the same principle applies. Also, using a machine for mixing reduces labour costs and helps improve worker safety.

Different Types of Mixing Equipment at Floorex

There are many different kinds of mixing equipment that you can use in a construction project. Here at Floorex Products, we give you the four types of equipment that are most useful in flooring applications.

First, we have the screed pumps that you can use to produce the most even blend of cement, sand and other particles, creating the perfect screeds for creating lovely patterns on your finished flooring.

We also have a selection of forced action mixer for sale that are like standard mixers but are fitted with more mixing arms, resulting in faster and more cost-efficient work. Then we have the series of Portamix screed mixers which are very handy for mixing screed materials on site.

Finally, if you are looking for a screed hand mixer to use for your construction, we do have plenty of choices for you. Featuring ergonomic designs, light weight, variable speed and powerful motors, these screed mixing machines might be smaller but they can do the job just as well as the bigger equipment.


Experience the best results in your floor renovation projects with the use of Floorex Products’ high quality mixing equipment. If you are not sure which one to buy, just contact us and our specialists will help you make the right choice. Order your mixing equipment from us and be one step closer to the perfect results you are looking for!