What You Need to Know about Concrete Scabblers

A concrete floor scabbler tool is a very useful device for resurfacing concrete. But before you buy one for your construction project, it is important to understand how they work, the unique features of the different kinds, and the reasons why you should consider them in the first place. Browse the Floorex site and discover our top quality scabblers, as well as our other concrete grinding tools and concrete polishing equipment.

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What Does a Scabbler Do?

Sometimes also called a pneumatic scabbler because they are air-driven equipment, this construction equipment roughens the substrate of a concrete surface, either to prepare it for overlays or sealants, or to simply create a more rugged exterior with much better skid resistance, especially when it gets wet.

Different Kinds of Concrete Scabblers

The Floorex catalogue features a few different types of scabblers. Amongst our best-selling items are the hand held single head and triple head scabbling hammers. These tools are heavy duty and are meant to last for long-term use. To ensure high performance, these scabblers come with either a tungsten carbide tipped (TCT) bush head or a cruciform head.

For larger scale construction projects, you might want to consider the 5-head Trelawney pneumatic floor scabbler. It comes with 5 carbide tipped pin fit scabbling heads and boasts of production rates of more than 40 m2 per hour. Construction workers can truly appreciate the operator comfort it offers through the innovative vibration dampening system, as well as its adjustable handle and energy efficient design.

Benefits of Using Concrete Scabblers

Many construction workers still use a variety of manual tools for concrete resurfacing. In some situations, this can indeed be a more practical choice because of the much lower cost. For small DIY projects at home, these handheld varieties would more than suffice. But for projects that cover a larger area and that require higher quality coatings and a perfectly even surface, it would be necessary to use a high quality concrete scabbler for the job.

For the best results, use only the concrete scabblers that experts recommend. Check out the premium equipment here at Floorex that will let you deliver exceptional outcomes in all your concrete work.