The Importance of High-Quality Scarifiers for Construction

A scarifier is one of the vital pieces of equipment you should have when working with concrete surfaces. They will make your work faster, easier, and more cost-efficient, and will also produce significantly better outcomes. As the leading supplier of electric scarifier concrete and other construction equipment in Australia, Floorex has plenty of excellent options for your perusal.

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Uses of Scarifiers in Construction Projects

Concrete scarifiers, sometimes also known as concrete planers, are vital for many kinds of construction work. With the use of spinning blades on a rotating drum, a scarifying machine can easily remove the topmost layer of concrete, creating a roughened but even surface that is ready for resurfacing, smoothening of bumps and dents, and a variety of other concrete work procedures.

It is easy to tell if a scarifier has been used in prepping a concrete surface because it leaves noticeable lines in the concrete. This is especially valuable for minimising the risk of slips and skids on the surface, particularly in wet conditions.

Concrete Floor Scarifier vs. Lawn Scarifier

Although a lawn scarifier works in pretty much the same way, its purpose is quite different. When we talk about the scarifying lawn, it refers to the removal of moss or thatch from the base of the grass, thus promoting healthier and better-looking grass growth. A concrete scarifier removes the top layer of concrete removing latence and other impurities from the surface while increasing slip resistance or creating a good key for overlays to be applied.

Different Kinds of Concrete Scarifiers

In choosing a scarifier for your construction project, you will quickly notice that the machines differ in just a few key features, like the power type, prep path, machine style, and production rate.

Whether you are looking for the best electric concrete scarifier in the country, or you want to take a look at some petrol scarifiers, Floorex has a wide selection that you can choose from. We have the handy single phase 10A and the more powerful three-phase electric scarifiers, as well as the petrol-powered 9HP and 13HP machines.

All our scarifying machines here at Floorex are built for easy and convenient usage whilst also delivering the highest performance. Order yours today and experience a much improved construction experience!