Traffic Line Removal

Quality Traffic Line Removal Equipment for Sale

Traffic lines need to be replaced or repainted every so often as they might fade and become less visible over time. There are also times when roads need to be altered and so traffic lines have to be adjusted as well. In any case, when you have to erase road lines, the best way to do it is through the use of high quality traffic line removal machines, like the ones that we have here at Floorex Products.


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Common Equipment Used for Lead Paint Removal on Roads

The most commonly used roadline removal equipment are grinders fitted with bushammers and scarifiers as they allow for the fast and thorough removal of any kind of paint marks on concrete or asphalt.

Of the many lead paint removal machines you can choose from, grinders are by far the most cost-efficient and also the fastest. One of our choice line marking removal machines is the Galaxy 250 Generation 3 grinder, which, when fitted with Bushammers, is known for its fast and effective action on concrete, asphalt and bitumen roads.

Scarifiers can also function as a road line removal machine. In this case, you would want to stay with the most precise models like the Mastiff 200 P9 with its fine adjustment hand wheel and its capacity to deliver a fine finish through Full Face Flails.

Blasting machines are also good as a paint removing machine. The Streamer S210E ShotBlaster, for instance, has a very powerful blasting capacity that lets you finish large areas within a short time. Be careful to stay within the low pressure settings though, so as not to damage the road whilst removing the markings.

Choosing the Right Traffic Line Removal Machine

With the vast range of available choices, you need to be very careful in selecting the right traffic line remover. One thing to consider is the power capacity, which directly impacts productivity. Ride-on equipment usually runs on more powerful engines that make for more efficiency with less effort.

No matter which kind of traffic line remover you decide on, Floorex Products is sure to have the perfect equipment for you. Browse our catalogue and place your order today!