Power Leads & Cords

Importance of Choosing the Right Power Leads and Cords

If you are searching for high quality power leads and cords to use for your various operations, then you have come to the right place. For years, Floorex has been the premier supplier of power leads and cords in Australia and New Zealand. Whether you need a heavy duty extension cord, an extension cord reel, or an assortment of power cables for various equipment, we have the right product for you right here in the Floorex inventory.

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Tips for Picking the Right Power Supplies for Your Business

It might seem overwhelming to look for the right patch cord or extension leads, but the process is really quite simple. To start with, you should check that the power cords you are considering would be compatible with the equipment you are buying for. You can easily check this by comparing the voltage of the cord and the machine.

In Australia, the standard single phase voltage is 240V.

You should also check the length of the cord and make sure that you get a long extension cord that will suffice for your intended work setup. However the longer the length of lead, the more voltage loss will occur so keeping power leads total length is kept to a minimum. The Floorex selection of heavy duty 240V power cables are available in lengths of 10m, 20m, and 30m.

With a lesser quality power cord, you run the risk of massive voltage loss during operation, which can significantly diminish the performance of your equipment and possibly cause damage to controls and motors. This is not a problem with our high quality power leads and cords as they are specially made for high power setups.

Importance of Power Leads and Cords in Equipment Management

The wrong kind of power extension cord, leads, plugs and even sockets, can greatly affect your equipment. Not only can they reduce machine performance but the wrong cord can actually break your equipment.
However, there’s no need to call in specialists to do complicated setups just to power up your machines. With Floorex Products’ heavy duty power leads and cords, you can do it yourself easily and with complete safety. Order from our selection and get your equipment up and running in no time!