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High Quality Walk-Behind Floor Scrubbers, Cleaners and Polishers

A walk behind floor scrubber is an essential cleaning tool used in many commercial and residential settings. This floor scrubber machine is a hand-held device that you guide across the floor until the entire area has been cleaned and polished. If you are looking for a high-quality and durable floor scrubber for sale at an affordable price, Floorex Products has quite a few selections for you.

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Benefits of the Floor Scrubber

The floor scrubber whether a walk behind or ride on can drastically reduce the time and effort taken to clean a floor and produce a far better result. While the traditional mop is far cheaper, the floor scrubber is certainly a key requirement for any company looking to maintain their cleanliness and hygiene.

Our Product range

We have a wide range of walk behind floor scrubber and ride-on floor scrubbers to help you keep your floors gleaming. With a variety of pad sizes from 40cm all the way through to 56cm we aim to make sure you have the right product to suit the job.

Our wide range of Polivac, Mitchell and Makinex scrubbers offer varying levels of prep paths and speeds, with options for cleaning various surfaces. From halls and wood floors to patios to drives we have a product that will clean each and every one of them.

Let our passionate and experienced team guide you through the workings for each floor scrubber. Our team are more than happy to assist you with any questions you have in order to help identify the best walk behind floor scrubber for your needs. Feel free to contact us or come in store to find out more.

Why Use a Floor Scrubber?

The job that it does, which is to clean and polish the floor, seems fairly simple and can be done without the need for a machine, so why buy one in the first place? If you just have a very small area to clean, then using a mop or even a rag might be the more practical method. But just imagine having to clean and polish a large commercial space. It would definitely take much less time and a lot less effort to complete the job with the help of a high quality floor scrubber

Most Trusted Electric Floor Scrubbers in Australia

The Floorex range of floor scrubbers includes several highly trusted Australian and international brands. The Polivac floor scrubber is one of our newest products. Proudly Australian-made, the 45cm Polivac Polivibe Oscillating Sanding Machine features immense flexibility that makes it a multipurpose machine.

In addition to being an efficient polisher, this Polivac scrubber can also be used for sanding, stripping, and scrubbing any hard surface. Now that we have the Polivac floor polisher for sale here at Floorex, you might want to take advantage and get one for yourself today!

Other established brands that we currently have in our inventory are Colt, Makinex, and Mitchell. The diverse products produced by these reputable manufacturers give you a broad range of options in terms of prep paths, speeds, pad sizes, pressure level, and many other features.

Choosing the Right Floor Scrubber

All the walk behind floor scrubbing machines in our range have impressive features so we understand if it is difficult to make a choice. Our specialists are here to answer any questions you might have about our floor scrubbers or any of our machines, so just call us at any time!