High Quality Shot Blasters for Sale

Shot blasting is a commonly used process in concrete ptreparation that aims to even out a concrete surface or get rid of irregularities  remove the weak or contaminated surface from concrete floors, in preparation for resurfacing. If you are looking for the best shot blasting equipment, Floorex Products will not disappoint. As the leading supplier of concrete surface preparation equipment, we carry the finest brands of concrete shot blasters in Australia and NZ, including Impacts, Streamer and Solaris.

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Different Types of Shotblasters

There are more than a dozen different types of shotblasters and the right one to use would depend on the objective of your project. Here at Floorex, we have a range of hand-held shotblasters that are better suited for working in smaller floor areas. These are small and compact but are powerful enough to prep even the hardest floors.

We also have ride-on shotblasting machines that run on petrol for higher horsepower and better productivity. These are perfect for working on concrete, steel, or even hot-mix bitumen roads.

Most of our shotblasters can connect to compatible dust collectors that are also available in the Floorex catalogue. Our specialists can tell you which other equipment is suitable for your chosen shot blasting machine.

Easy Clean-up

At this point, you might be wondering, what happens to all the bits of metal that you had shot out of your shot blasting machine once the shotblasting process is over? Surely you need to collect them afterward, especially since these abrasive spheres are reusable.

The Floorex magnetic brooms provide a very easy and convenient way of retrieving huge amounts of shots on the floor, leaving you with a perfectly clean surface. Made of high grade stainless steel, these innovative brooms use powerful magnets for efficient shot retrieval and a convenient lever that easily releases the shots from the device instantly. The Floorex broom is available in 620mm and 385mm dimensions.

Top Shotblasting Solutions from Floorex

Whether you are looking for a brand new concrete shot blaster for sale or are trying to source affordable but high quality shots for your current floor shot blaster, Floorex Products has got you covered. Feel free to examine our range and place your orders for the perfect shot blasting solutions to suit your needs!