Spare Parts

High Quality Spare Parts for Construction Equipment

No matter how durable a piece of equipment might be, it is perfectly normal for some parts to eventually break or get too worn with frequent or excessive use. When this happens, all you need to do is to find a replacement part that is compatible with the original piece.

But of course, you shouldn’t settle for anything substandard, which is why you should go directly to Floorex Products. Here, we carry only high quality spare parts that are compatible with the finest brands of concrete preparation tools and equipment in Australia.


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Some of Our Bestselling Products

No matter what brand or model of equipment you have, we are confident that we have the spare parts that you need in our vast catalogue.

For Grinding Machines

If you are looking for Blastrac grinder parts, Husqvarna floor grinder parts, or EDCO concrete grinder parts, we can help you out! All the standard parts are available in various sizes. And even if you are in need of some hard to find grinding machine spare parts, we are pretty sure that we will have those in our inventory as well.

For Cleaning Machines

Some of the most frequent enquiries we get are for Blastrac floor scraper parts and Polivac parts. We do have all these parts as well, as well as components of industrial floor scrubbers, and even floor machine parts in the USA.

For Dust Extracting Machines

We do put importance on dust control here at Floorex and as such, we have no shortage of spare parts for your Maxvac dust blocker 650 and other popular dust extracting machines. We also have the complete range of Twister cyclone & pump spares.

Ensure Uninterrupted Work with Quality Spare Parts

Here at Floorex Products, we understand the importance of minimising downtime when it comes to construction work. That is why we waste no time in shipping your orders to you as soon as possible so that your work can continue as usual.

So what are you waiting for? Order your spare parts now so you can get your tools and equipment back up and running!