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Take Your Floor Finishes to New Levels with SuprSheen Systems

The exact care procedures of floor and equipment maintenance would depend on what particular type of flooring you choose to go with. But regardless of the material, a huge part of the process has to do with keeping your floor clean, smooth and perfectly polished at all times.

To do this properly, you would need to use the right tools and supplies, which is exactly what the SuprSheen Systems range of products is all about. And as a leading construction equipment supplier in Australia and New Zealand, you can be sure the Floorex Products has the complete SuprSheen collection in our inventory.


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Chemicals and Concrete Treatments

For concrete flooring, you will have to use certain chemicals to get rid of tiny pores or holes that may have formed on the surface. SuprSheen Systems provides two products that you can use. One is the grout solution, which is ideally applied after the grinding process. Another is the lithium solution, which not only creates a smooth surface but also helps to harden the concrete and make it denser.

Buffs and Resin Pads

In order to apply the aforementioned chemicals onto your floor surface, you would need to reinforce your polishing system with high quality buffing pads, which are circular pads that feature a resin layer that is diamond embedded to produce the best polishing results. These come with built-in hooks and loop pad drivers so that you can easily install them onto your polishing equipment. Of course, the circular shape of these pads makes them useless for polishing corners, which is why SuprSheen also has special corner polishing pads that you can use.

If you are using satellite machines for polishing, you would find the SuprSheen Skina pads to be very useful. The combination of top quality resin and the finest diamonds makes the Skina pads capable of the highest polishing performance, as well as a high amount of flexibility.

If you are looking for the best tools and supplies but want to keep the concrete polishing price within your budget, you have come to the right place. Floorex Products gives you the highest quality at competitive prices. Check out our catalogue and order your floor polishing products today!