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High Quality Vacuum Parts for Construction Projects

Vacuums and dust extractors are essential in any construction project, particularly for the process of floor or surface preparation which produces clouds of dust that is harmful to workers and that can also compromise the quality of the construction work. Vacuum cleaners keep dust at bay by sucking the dust away at the source of the work before it causes a hazard.

To guarantee the health and safety of everyone in the vicinity, you need to keep your vacuum equipment in perfect working order. To do this, you should trust only the best suppliers in obtaining spare parts for your vacuum machines.


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Importance of Using Reliable Vacuum Fittings and Other Components

In a construction site, vacuums collect a lot of harmful particles mixed in with construction dust, like silica, asbestos, mineral fibres, and even tiny bits of glass or metal. You should use only the most trusted floor hose product and spare parts. If you need a complete vacuum hose replacement, be sure to get one that is of excellent quality and that fits perfectly with your machine.

Compatible with a Wide Range of Equipment

No matter what kind of vacuum or cleaning equipment you have at your construction site, Floorex Products is sure to have a few compatible parts for you here in our inventory.

Whether you are looking for a vacuum hose connector for a larger machine like the RP-4000, or you need industrial vacuum hose fittings for a standard sized machine, we are sure to have the right part for you.  Down to the most basic vacuum components like a vacuum cleaner pipe or a vacuum hose joiner, our inventory has items that would perfectly fit Floorex models of vacuum and you won’t even have a need for duct tape as we have a standard connection size on all Floorex equipment.

Quality Vacuum Replacement Parts from Floorex

Elevate the functionality of your vacuum equipment by using only superior quality components. The Floorex range of vacuum spare parts consists of top-of-the-line vacuum hoses and fittings, and the best flexible hoses Brisbane has to offer. No matter which one you select, you are guaranteed to get high quality for your money. Check out our selection and place your order today!