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GrinderTec 125mm Grinder & Polisher – No Disc

$676.00 + GST

125mm GrinderTec Grinder & Polisher Kit

GrinderTec® 125mm Grinder.

This is a kit ready to accept any of the following

  • 125mm Diamond discs
  • 125mm polishing pads
  • Skina polishing Resins

This makes this GrinderTec Hand Grinder one of the most versatile hand held grinders on the market with the ability to grind concrete as well as polish with full dust control and meeting the needs of WHS in silica dust control.

  • Click here to view the 125mm Polishing pads
  • Click here to view the Skina Resin Bonds
  • Click here to view the 125mm Asteroid diamond discs.
  • Extreme wear life polyurethane shroud
  • Flexible shroud follows the floor keeping dust to a minimum
  • D Handle makes the unit more ergonomic and easy to use
  • Connection to dust extractor using 50mm hose connection
  • Light enough for Grinding vertical walls
  • Excellent for polishing edges
  • No Hook and Loop strips or rubber skirt or brushes to wear out
  • Little or no adjustment needed as tooling wear.
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