R25 x 150mm x 75mm Coving Trowel

$47.90 + GST

MWR-47412 Midwest Rake® S550 Professional™ Cove Trowel – Standard with 1″ Radius

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Midwest Rake Cove Trowel with 150mm one one side and 75mm on the other

  • 25mm (1″) Cove
  • 150mm long on handle side
  • 75mm up the wall
  • 150mm length

Standard with 1″ Radius, 3″ Wall (H) x 6″ Floor (D) x 6″ Running (W)

This coving trowel allows you to put in a 1″ radius cove and have the advantage of the extra 3″ height and 6″ depth. It is 6″ long with a comfortable timber handle.

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