Asteroid 250mm 6 Segment 30# Blue Diamond Disc

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AS10-M06030 Asteroid® 250mm 6 Segment 30# Blue Diamond Disc

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Asteroid® Series 250mm – 30 Mesh – 6 Segment Diamond Disc

The Asteroid® Series Diamond Tooling has been devolved to suit the contractor and DIY operator with minimal initial outlay in diamond tooling.

These cup wheels are available to suit Satellite, Meteor grinders and may also suit many other brands.

The shape of the segment is a Registered Design which allows for sharp leading edges and most importantly the long slender shape allows the diamonds to flatten the floor and perform well at the same time. also the wider outside edge means the diamond disc is not prone to a rounded edge making edge grinding difficult

Check the Features tab above for all the features and what machines this can be used for.

  • Blue = 30#
  • Black = 16#
  • Green = 80#
  • Yellow = 150#
  • Available in 125mm 175mm and 250mm sizes
  • Three Drive holes for the Satellite SP Planetary Drive System
  • 6mm High Segment
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Tool Diameter

Bond Hardness


Bond Type

Mesh Size

Number of Segments


Substrate Grindability

Hard To Grind

Finish Required

For Med Build Coatings, Medium Grind

Coating Removal

Epoxy, General Carpet Glue, PS Glue, Rubber Back Residue


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