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Bushammer Head for Galaxy and Meteor – 24 Tooth

$1,356.20 + GST

Bushammer Head for Galaxy and Meteor machines

Available on backorder

Bushammer Head for use with the Meteor 250 Generation3 and the Galaxy Machines

Bushammers are great for profiling the surface and

  • Create non-slip surfaces on concrete and pavers
  • Remove traffic lines from bitumen and concrete and other surfaces with ease and speed without excessive damage to the surface
  • Make removal of coatings from concrete and asphalt easy
  • Texture or profile surfaces to speed up initial cut on exposed concrete polished floors
  • Easily Replaceable Cutters
  • Check out the Galaxy 250 range here
  • Check out the Meteor 250 range here

Galaxy – Bushammer removal of paint lines

Galaxy – Trip hazard removal

Galaxy – Line marking removal

Galaxy – Bushammer accessory

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Tooling Suits Machine


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Coating Removal

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