Derecho 25hp Ride on Floor Scraper

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The Derecho Floor Scraper is the latest high performance floor scraper offered by OEM products in USA. Built on the success of the Lightning, this machine is perfect for those large, time sensitive projects. meeting the needs of the most demanding contractors. It is powered by a 25 hp engine and hydro-static drive system.

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The Derecho® is high performance ride-on floor scraper machine. Perfect for those large, time sensitive projects. The DERECHO meets the needs of the most demanding contractors. Built on the success of the Lightning, it is powered by a 25 hp engine and direct drive hydrostatic drive system. It’s Incredibly maneuverable and easy to drive!

The unique patented pantograph blade mount system patented design on a lot of OEM propane gas machines, it keeps the blade parallel with the floor giving you superior performance on uneven surfaces.

The Kohler 25HP propane engine is easy to start and features low emissions. This machine is capable of some amazing speed and agility.. the Derecho is one machine that outperforms most in its class. While it is not a battery powered floor stripper, it has advantages that outweigh the disadvantages in that it can run indefinitely without having to charge. Investing in an extra gas bottle means you can swap out and keep going.

With the Derecho you can remove 250kg of weight, this brings it down to approx. 630kg. Great for the average lift in a high rise building.

It has heavy duty pivot points and 3-action blade design make this an outstanding machine for large jobs where the walk behind machines would not be time efficient!

The rear wheels on are quite a bit larger than most other one ton machines, this helps when riding over trash and improves the grip.

Travel speed is Joystick controlled and can range from 0.5 to 97m/min (6 kph), this is substantially quicker than most battery powered machines (Which are typically 25 to 35m/min).

The Derecho is gas powered – with the purchase of an additional spare gas bottle, your run time is increased dramatically. No need to wait for batteries to charge overnight

  • Comfortable to ride and drive
  • Relatively Quiet
  • Production 130 sq/m/hr
  • 400mm Drive Wheels
  • Total Weight – 880 Kg
  • Removable Weights – 250kg brings it down to 630kg (approx)
  • Height 1295mm
  • Width – 660mm
  • Length – 1308mm
  • Engine 25hp Gas Powered
  • Max Ground Speed 6kph or 97m/min
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