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DustMaster AS1000

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DustMaster AS1000 Air Scrubber

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DustMaster® Air Scrubber 1000 is an in-room air purifier cleaning the air by recirculating air through 3 stages of filtration.

The DustMaster is designed and built right here in Australia by our in house team of CAD design Experts, we have designed it in such a way that you can stack these machines 2 high to save space.

With the German engineered & manufactured backward curved centrifugal fan, this unit has some amazing capabilities and features.


  • Well over 1000 m3/h performance with filters fitted.
  • Variable speed for use in low demand / quiet spaces
  • Very low power consumption at just over 1 amp.
  • Dial gauge indicates filter life remaining.
  • Sturdy aluminum frame.
  • Easily change filters in seconds
  • All controls and knobs are protected behind the frame
  • Handles to lift the unit also double as wheel positions when stacking units
  • Very light weight unit weighing in at just over 25kg
  • 4 x Oversize locking castors keep the machine in place
  • Removable power lead to prevent damage in transport and easy changeover
  • Final filter rated at H14 – 99.995% DOP Test.

The Dustmaster Air Scrubber range is designed to be placed in the corner of a room and recirculate the air within the room and constantly purify it to breathing standards.

How do i work out what size room this unit can handle?

It is recommended that there are at least 6 air changes per hour to maintain breathing air standards. Very high dust loading due to poor dust control at the machine or tool would have to be considered and greater changes per minute would be recommended in this case

Based on this, The AS1000 machine is capable of 1000 m3/hour so we divide this by 6 changes which leaves us with a capacity to maintain a room with 166 cubic meters of space.

To work out the cubic meters of a room multiply the Length x Width x Height in meters. for example a room 10m x 5m x 2.4m = 120m3 well within the requirements of general recommendations.

Future models are available with outlet spigot to assist in ducting the clean air to another space or outside in the case of asbestos cleanup.

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