Economy Level Pegs 120mm Pack 100

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Economy Level Pegs 120mm Pack 100

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Level Peg 120 are very handy consumable item that allow you to pour a coating or screed over a surface whilst having reference points to gauge the thickness of the screed or coating. This can be used to create a flat floor.

Supplied with sticky double sided tape on the base. Sold Per Pack of 100pcs

Level Pegs are typically used as follows;

  • Using a laser level determiner the highest point in the room and start there
  • Marking on the floor using a marker, use the laser to measure the points on the floor to build the floor up to.
  • Cut the peg to the heights just marked on the floor using maked measurements on the pegs
  • Stick the flexible peg to the floor using an adhesive
  • Place these in as many positions as you need
  • Gauge up to 120mm


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