Galaxy 250 G3 P9 ES Grinder

$8,528.30 + GST

The Galaxy 250 Generation3 Diamond Grinder has gained a reputation for ease of use and rugged reliability. This model is electric start making starting a breeze.

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The Galaxy® 250 machine is designed for fast removal of coatings and concrete and trip hazard removal such as council footpaths and public spaces.

This machine can also be fitted with the Bushammer head for very effective and damage free line marking removal from asphalt and bitumen and concrete.

From the sealed highly renowned centrifugal clutch to the super rugged throttle lever, the highly renowned coupling, the quick change diamond tooling, this machine is designed from the concrete up as a rental tough and council friendly machine.

This machine features electric start which means you have less pull start issues and less strain on your workers. 

Using Computer Aided Design (CAD), we have designed the Galaxy 250 Generation3 specifically for aggressive trip hazard removal. Designed and Built right here at Floorex, our dedicated team have no doubt you will prove the exceptionally high-quality machine will give you an awesome return on investment.

The Coupling is the heart of the machine allowing the diamond tooling to follow typical undulations in floors and still flatten the surface without gouging.

The renowned Floating Shroud is always in contact with the concrete and provides the dust control that hundreds of professional contractors already enjoy. You will also love the single lifting point. A water connection point is also supplied for wet grinding.
Excellent for smaller areas on both commercial and domestic projects, for trip hazard removal, glue removal and levelling high spots and general concrete preparation.

The Galaxy 250 Generation3 can be used with a number of different types of tooling.

  • Standard 4 bolt hole HD discs that a lot of these machines use typically. (Crete Mower, EDCO TG-10, and more)
  • Bushammer Head for removal of coatings and traffic lines

Galaxy – Bushammer removal of paint lines

Galaxy – Trip Hazard Removal

Galaxy – Line marking Removal

Galaxy – Bushammer Head

Galaxy – Electric Start

Galaxy – Overview

Galaxy – Changing the Heads

Product Range

Prep Path


Variable Speed

Power Type

Planetary Type

Machine Style

Number of Discs

Production Rate


HVA Meter


Tool Diameter

Head RPM

900rpm – 1790rpm









Total Weight


Machine Weights


Max Head Pressure


Noise Rating


Dust Port Size

50mm Push On


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