GrinderTec G3-7 175mm Shroud Kit for hand Grinders

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GrinderTec G3-7 175mm Shroud Kit for hand Grinders

GrinderTec® G3-7 is the latest of the GrinderTec 175mm range.

Utilising CAD technology and years of experience we have developed the best 7″ or 175mm shroud for hand grinders available.

Made from tough thermoplastic urethane which has been formulated to last the distance, this shroud is tough and requires no extra seals or brushes or velcro to work perfectly.

The shroud is designed with a lift up section that allows you to seamlessly switch between grinding up against an edge for along walls and then return to a full shroud for normal grinding as quick as a flash!

  • Tough TPU
  • Automatically adjusts to the floor as the disc wears
  • Shroud follows the floor for perfect seal
  • Single band clamp to fix it to the grinder
  • Suits Metabo and Hitachi or for Makita on request.
  • Lift up section for grinding along walls
  • Supplied with blade nut and arbour nut and clamp for fitting to your grinder.
  • Add a disc of your choice
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1 review for GrinderTec G3-7 175mm Shroud Kit for hand Grinders

  1. Dan EPO Floors QLD

    I have used shrouds out there on the market before, nothing has come close to the durability of the floorex ones. I now have my crew setup with one each and they love them!

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