Hose 2 Go

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Hose2Go by Makinex

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The Hose To Go Is a water supply pressure tank that is portable and supplies constant water pressure to machines and tools for dust suppression.

Designed for the Hire industry the Hose to Go is tough and durable and has two handles so can be carried in two positions for best ergonomics.

The design is such that there is no pump, battery or electrics or electronics meaning it is truly portable and it supplies a constant water flow.

  • No Pump which means greater reliability.
  • No complicated electrics to breakdown.
  • No battery to go flat and expensive replacements.
  • No need to manually pump to get the water pressure you need.
  • 14 litre capacity.
  • Up to 30 minutes of constant flowing water.
  • The Hose 2 Go is Australian designed.
  • 4 years of development makes an excellent product.
  • One of the most innovative products to reach the market.

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