Impacts Ride-On Shotblaster 320mm Propane Gas Powered


IM-S320RD Streamer 320 Shotblaster Propane (gas) powered Self-Propelled Ride-On Shotblaster, Includes Inbuilt Dust Collector

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Impacts® Streamer S320RD is a workhorse Ride-On capacity and powerful blast machine to work on medium to large sized horizontal surfaces. Great for Concrete floors, Steel plate, Hot-Mix Bitumen roads. Great for Road-line removal of painted lines

Floorex Prides itself in Specialising in Training our clients in the use and maintenance of Shotblasters so you get the best out of your investment –
Minimise your downtime and Invest in the best Shotblasters in the world.

  • New developed Side-Force lining system with improved wear resistance.
  • Ultra-maneuverable rear wheel steer! 
  • Run on LPG, or Petrol! Petrol gives more horsepower for more production
  • Blastwheel, rather than paddlewheel, gives feathered edges so you reduce the tram-line effect; therefore it’s great for preparation of sealers and thin coatings  
  • Powerful drive motor
  • Optimised weight
  • Height adjustable drive handle with integrated instruments for driving
  • Proper reverse pulse filter cleaning means excellent shot cleaning; reduces wear to blast wheel and wear liner
  • Easy-to-handle dust bin makes emptying a breeze 
  • Closed circuit, dust free.

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