S3 L40 HC HAZ H Class Vacuum


RP-S3 L40 HC HAZ H Class Vacuum only

Nilfisk S3 L40 HC HAZ, H Class Vacuum.

Equipped with 3 bypass motors for heavy duty use to control energy consumption due to energy requirement.

Easy to use thanks to the control panel supplying real time data about the vacuum efficiency, it is light but strong. L, M, H certified for the collection of hazardous dust.

The Nilfisk S3 Single Phase Industrial vacuum is equipped with a control panel supplying real-time information about the vacuum efficiency. 

L-M-H certified or with absolute filter for the collection of toxic or fine dust, with nomex filter (ideal in case of collecting of hot substances), with electric filter shaker.

This vacuum can be customised to suit any application, from wet vacuuming to asbestos collection.

  • 3 bypass motors
  • L, M, H certified for the safe collection of hazardous dust 
  • electric control panel
    electric or manual filter shaker version
  • compact vacuum easy to move in the production area
  • HEPA H14 absolute filter version
  • container release system
  • container with castors and handle
    accessory box, cable/pipe holder
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