Satellite 480 G3 Petrol – Passive Planetary

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The Satellite 480 Generation3 is a Triple Disc 5.5hp Petrol, reliable Diamond Grinder & Polisher that many Hire companies and Contractors alike have proved and loved for years.

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The Satellite® 480 Gen3 is a Triple Disc Petrol 5.5 Horspower reliable Diamond Grinder & Polisher that combines High Diamond Speed with optimum weight for the best efficiency, making the 480 one of the most productive machine in its class. You will be impressed!

the Satellite 480 Petrol has a Honda GXV 160cc engine and a very efficient power transmission system through a high quality clutch with precision bearings and a AX30 Belt meaning you get as much power as possible to floor. The super fast magnetic diamond disc retaining system has been around for years meaning the Satellite 480 is true to the Satellite tradition with diamond changeover possible in under 60 seconds!

Satellite 480 main disc RPM is variable speed so you can optimise the cutting speed to suit your grinding and polishing project. Check out the features tab for the specifications.

Exceptionally versatile machine capable of delivering productivity and performance reliability, you will not be sorry!

The Satellite 480 accepts 3 X 175mm Satellite discs or 3 or even 6 tapered diamond plugs and much more.

The single lifting point makes lifting the machine a breeze and the super rugged handle locking mechanism is designed to last the distance.

Use with the Dustmaster DM-Series Dust Extractors for excellent and effective dust control.

Machine packages can be customised to combine it with dust extraction and a range of diamond tooling that can provide you with all you need to start your next project.

Ask your team at Floorex for an offer to suit your needs.

SAT 480 G3 Petrol Overview

SAT 480 General Features

Wood Floor Sanding

General Grinding

Wood Floor Sanding

Removing Glues

Removing Magnetic Plugs

Product Range

Prep Path


Variable Speed

Power Type

Planetary Type

Machine Style

Number of Discs

Production Rate


HVA Meter


Tool Diameter

, ,

Head RPM


Satellite Disc RPM










Machine Weight


Weights Additional


Max Head Pressure


Noise Rating


Dust Port Size

50mm Push On


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