Satellite 480 G4 Model 1 – Passive Planetary 1Phase Fixed Speed

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The Satellite 480 Generation4 is the latest Generation of the Satellite Triple Disc Concrete Grinder and Polishers.
This is Model 1 which is Single Phase 230V 10A Passive Planetary.

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Satellite 480 G4 is the one of the new range of triple disc concrete floor diamond grinders / polishers designed using the latest CAD technology and over 20 years of customer feedback to provide unrivalled user experience and the ultimate reliability you have come to expect from Satellite.


Awesome new features include;

  • Patented floating head system
  • 360 Degree Lighting around the grinding head
  • Zero Slack Handle Locking mechanism
  • Redesigned HVA display unit
  • Swing weights
  • Ergonomic handle reduces fatigue and protects your hands
  • Protected control switches
  • Phone Holder and charger
  • Enhanced balance and ergonomics of the entire machine
  • New tooling options


This is Model 1 – which is the most common machine amongst contractors and indeed available from most hire shops. Model 1 passive planetary system and is considered the workhorse of the single phase machines in the Satellite 480 range providing unparalleled reliability and service free life for years and years.


Developed and refined over two decades to provide the best performance from single phase 10A power available, this machine has a super efficient transmission and powertrain that has been proven over years of service to provide thousands of hours of uninterrupted service free life and puts as much power to the grinding operation as possible.

Powered by the most efficient 3 HP motor, the Satellite 480 G4-1 has a final main disc speed of 360 rpm which makes the Satellite 480 one of the most productive machines in its class.

The super fast magnetic tooling changeover has been developed by Floorex and refined over 20 years to make it possible to change over the tooling in under 60 seconds with ease without any tools or hammers.

With 360 degree LED lighting around the grinding head, the Satellite G4 makes grinding in dark areas so much easier by lighting up the floor in all directions so you can see what you are grinding, what you have ground and where you are going.

We have also removed the need to adjust the axle height on the Satellite Gen4 models with the patented Auto Head Levelling design which levels the head whilst keeping it steady.

The Generation 4 Satellite machines come with a newly designed and revamped HVA display which has been developed over many years to provide feedback to the user on the running of the machine including;


  • Voltage coming into the machine.
  • The AMPs drawn.
  • The % of load on the machine with a bar graph.
  • Alerts if the emergency stop is pressed.
  • Alerts if the machine is overloaded.
  • Alerts if the motor temperature is too high*.


Satellite Generation 4 also has an improved lifting point and a new Zero Slack handle locking mechanism that increases accuracy of user feedback from the head and also reduces the chances of damage in tough conditions.

The Legendary floating dust shroud provides perfect dust control that works even when there is very little suction flow from you vacuum or dust collector. This shroud adjusts automatically without the user ever having to adjust the height or tighten straps or Velcro strips which keeps the free silica levels down to make sure your jobsite is even safer. 

Exceptionally versatile machine, the Satellite 480 G4 has three tapered plug holes which accepts 3 X 175mm Satellite discs or three turbo plugs or hook and loop pads for polishing or sanding wooden floors. In addition, the new Generation 4 machines include the MAP System (Multi Accessory Point). This MAP System provides the option to install newly developed bush hammer system or other new technology as we develop them into the future. 

Use with the Dustmaster DM-Series 1 or 2 motor Dust Extractors for excellent and effective dust control.

Machine packages can be customized to combine it with dust extraction and a range of diamond tooling that can provide you with all you need to start your next project. Ask your team at Floorex for an offer to suit your needs.

The Satellite machines are designed as all preparation equipment you could need. Some of the jobs Satellite can do are;

  • Cleaning Concrete
  • Grinding down to aggregate exposure
  • Grinding Concrete
  • Pebble Crete removal
  • Polishing Concrete
  • Preparing floors for tiles
  • Preparing concrete floors for coating
  • Preparing concrete floors for floor covering
  • Stencil Crete removal
  • Epoxy removal
  • Preparation for floating floors
  • High spot removal
  • Preparation for Lino
  • Preparation for Vinyl floors
  • Carpet glue removal
  • Level concrete floors
  • Remove trowel marks
  • Removal of release agent residues
  • Glue residue removal
  • Bush Hammer coating removal
  • Bush hammer finishes
  • Honing concrete floors
  • Grind and seal concrete floors
  • Coating Removal
  • Paint removal
  • Plaster residue removal
  • Cleaning up before carpet installation
Connecting the Power and Hose

Satellite 480 G4 – Using the swing weights

Satellite 480 G4 – How to adjust the handle

Satellite 480 G4 – Water Misting System

*only available on some models

Product Range

Prep Path


Variable Speed

Power Type

Planetary Type

Machine Style

Number of Discs

Production Rate


HVA Meter


Tool Diameter

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Head RPM


Satellite Disc RPM















Machine Weight


Weights Additional

Swing Weights 2 X 13kg included

Max Head Pressure


Noise Rating


Dust Port Size

50mm Push On

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