SlurrySep 22kg

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SlurrySep Floc 22kg

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SlurrySep 22Kg breaks emulsions and absorbs oils, metals and suspended solids out of concrete wastewater. It is a proprietary blend of bentonite clay, polymers and pH reducing acids designed for the treatment of concrete slurry. Results are dramatic as solids quickly separate and condense on the bottom, leaving clean water for reuse or compliant discharge.


  • SlurrySep Floc is a proprietary blend of bentonite clay, polymers and pH reducing acids.
  • It reduces high collection, handling and disposal costs.
  • Rapid separation of suspended concrete slurry solids in water allowing recycling of water or compliant disposal.
  • As the bentonite clay hydrates a strong negative charge is produced, causing flocculation by suspended particles sticking to the clay surface.
  • Results are dramatic as solids quickly settle.

Recommended Usage Procedure:


  1. Add approximately 1-2 grams per liter of water.
  2. treats 15,000 to 20,000lts of water
  3. Mix consistently for 3-10 minutes to allow clay and polymer to fully hydrate (This will depend on amount of slurry water)
  4. Allow floc to settle.
  5. Additional mixing can help floc form larger particle size and cleaner water
  6. The floc is fully formed it is ready for de-watering by decanting or pumping into de-watering filter bag.
  7. Excess solids are now prepared for SlurryDry solidification.


Storage and handling:

Obtain special instructions before use. Do not handle until all safety precautions have been read and understood. Keep formation of airborne dusts to a minimum. Provide appropriate exhaust ventilation at placed where dust is formed. Do not breathe dust. Avoid prolonged exposure. When using, don not eat drink or smoke. Should be handled in closed systems, if possible. Wear appropriate personal protective equipment. Wash hands thoroughly after handling. Observe good industrial hygiene practices. Store in original tightly closed container. Store locked up, out of reach of children.


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