Storm SS Battery Powered Floor Scraper

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The Storm SS floor scraper has been developed by experts in the field of floor scrapers for may years and designed to go all day while be able to perform. Meeting the needs of the most demanding contractors and their expectations.

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The Storm SS is a variable speed battery powered ride on floor scraper designed to last all day on ceramic and floor coverings including VCT, carpet and much more.

Precise single handle hydraulic steering with your right hand allows you to adjust the blade height and pitch with your left hand on the go without stopping.


With a 65 meters/min run speed is almost twice as fast as similar floor scrapers. All day scraping doesn’t have to come at a turtle pace.

The added variable speed knob means that you can dial down the DC motor/hydraulic pump to a speed that suits your uplifting so as to maximize the life of your battery. There is no point having the motor & pump doing full RPM if you are only using 80% of the produced speed by holding the machine back with the joystick controls. 


A very efficient electric motor and hydraulics allows for 8+ hour run times on an overnight charge from a standard 230 volt 50 Hz power.


The on-board battery charger has charging progress indicator lights as well as capability to download history . View charging logs, battery voltages, and more.


A built in toolbox allows you to store extra blades, tooling, and wrenches giving you everything you need right on the machine.


The on-board battery fuel gauge lets the operator know how much battery life is left as well as keeps track of the run time hours. It also plays a vital role in shutting the machine down before the batteries are drained to a damaging level.

With a total weight of around 1188kg this machine is no toy. The additional feature of being able to remove up to 250kg of weights, the Storm can be reduced to 938kg so it can be safely used in most lifts.


This machine comes standard with all weights, a 12” blade holder, a tile tooth attachment, a tungsten carbide-tipped tooth, and a transport dolly.

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Storm Overview
Storm on wood floor
The difference between 140 and 270 FPM
Tile Tooth Maintenance
Product Range

Prep Path


Machine Style


Adjustable Angle


Power Type

Travel Speed

0 – 65 m/min







Total Weight


Machine Weights

Removable – 250kg

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