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SuprSheen – 200L Lithium Ultra Surface Hardener

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SuprSheen – 200L Ultra Surface Hardener / Densifier / Sealer Lithium.

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SuprSheen® DeepSeal Lithium
is the most innovative and economical flooring option available today, naturally finished DeepSeal Lithium Sealed concrete is the market leader in warehousing, retail showrooms, industrial floors and government buildings, besides being the right choice for creating polished concrete.

Naturally finished concrete floors are the fastest growing phenomena to ever hit the industry.

DeepSeal Lithium is unique blend of Silicate and Siliconate polymer technology that penetrates deep into concrete surfaces and chemically reacts with the concrete matrix and the surrounding atmosphere to produce an extremely dense and durable sealed floor. The result is concrete that resists wear and tear from abrasion, repels water and other chemicals, and reduces the appearance of tyre marks and stains. DeepSeal Lithium will enhance the appearance of smooth, steel trowel concrete which will actually become more attractive over time. With regular easy maintenance, DeepSeal Lithium will continue to protect and beautify concrete for many years

DeepSeal Lithium having Molar / Weight ratio of just 0.491 as compared to Sodium of 1.032 & Potassium of 1.58 delivers a far higher reactivity with the (CSH) in concrete when compared to Sodium or Potassium silicates. Being a finer more reactive particle means you don’t have to scrub it into concrete to encourage the reaction. Lithium ions on a per weight basis stabilise more silicate ions than sodium or potassium ions.
Lithium Silicates having a lower viscosity than sodium or potassium silicates of equal solids, means that lithium silicates will penetrate the concrete even more effectively and to a greater depth delivering greater performance.

DeepSeal Lithium also contains potassium methyl-Siliconate, which reacts with the atmospheric carbon dioxide present in air (at around 300 to 400 ppm), to develop methyl-silicone resins which form in the concrete’s pores. These resins being hydrophobic or water repellent in nature inhibit waterborne and oil borne stains from penetrating the concrete and causing discoloration.

Use a low pressure sprayer to apply DeepSeal Lithium to form an even sheen and ensure complete saturation of the surface.

Apply enough product to keep the surface wet for 20 minutes. Apply at a rate of approximately 10-12m2 per litre depending on the concrete finish. After application of DeepSeal Lithium the floor is ready for vehicular and foot traffic once dry.

For old concrete, ensure surfaces have been thoroughly cleaned and are free from any contaminates that will prevent the penetration of DeepSeal Lithium. Apply at a rate 12-14m2 per litre*

*Coverage rate may vary with each concrete quality.


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