V2 Diesel Screed and Mortar Mixing Machine


Utiform V2 Screed and Mortar Mixing Pump for high volume screed and rendering applications

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Utiform® V2 Screed and Rendering pump is a well refined rendering machine designed to mix, pump, spray and Inject materials including single coat render, cement based renders, one coat renders, repair mortars and all sorts of premixed mortars.

Kohler 4 Cylinder 21 hp water cooled has a large radiator with hydraulic cooling unit to avoid heating of the motor and hydraulics and for best performance even in difficult circumstances.

The pump unit can be driven forward and backward to make cleaning easy and avoid material blockages.

Neatly housed inside the cover for low noise level, this machine also boasts low fuel consumption given the volume of product it can mix and pump.

The pneumatic remote control at the spray gun, that stops the pump and lowers the revolutions of the motor makes the machine even more comfortable.

Equipped with stator and rotor that can handle maximum grain size of up to 6mm, this pump can deliver up to 60 litres per minute.

Due to the design, this pump can do large quantities of product but can also deliver small quantities of self levelling floor material.

The machine is mounted on a sturdy trailer chassis and has a low centre of gravity which means the V2 has excellent towing performance and comfort.

The serial remote control allows to start and stop the machine from any point during the working process.

When using the machine for spray mortars, the on-board 375 l/min two cylinder compressor provides the needed air volume and pressure to provide a even and uniform application.

Supplied with:

  • Stator + Rotor 2L6
  • Air compressor 375 I/6 bar
  • Electric control panel
  • Tools and cleaning kit
  • 2 x 15 m mortar hose 35 mm
  • 1 x 15 m air hose
  • 1 x 17 m air hose
  • Spray gun
Product Range

Machine Weight








Pump Capacity

900 x 20kg Bags/Hour

Pumping Distance


Maximum Head


Max aggregate size



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