Safety Tips

Never Start or Run Machine When tooling disc is not in contact with the surface

All our machines are designed to start with the tooling in contact with the surface. This is for safety reasons.
The machines can be given a slight tug backwards when starting to free the tooling and assist in startup. The same rule applies on stopping the machine.
always just press the stop button or Emergency stop button without lifting the head off the floor.

Use Heavy Duty Power Cables to power your equipment.

Using larger power cables to power your equipment will mean the machine will have more power available. This reduces problems with overloading and burnout motors and capacitors.

Check your Diamond wear regularly particularly at the start of every job

Doing this means you could prevent an unpleasant surprise if your diamonds are too soft for the job and wearing out fast.

Concrete Dust is Dangerous. Protect your lungs

Dust produced when grinding or scarifying contains silica and other harmful dusts. Using effective dust control including proper shrouds on grinders that work and dust extractors and vacuums that have quality filters and cleaning equipment. Remember that if you have to manually clean the filters on a vacuum, you also need respiratory protection when doing so.